Here is some stuff I have written over the years. I mainly use Python or C++.


Some Python libraries I've written.

  • quart-session, (async) server-side session support for Quart applications
  • quart-session-openid, (async) OpenID Connect support for Quart applications
  • py-levin, Python client for the Levin p2p protocol
  • flask-yoloapi, small Flask library for creating simple JSON endpoints.

Large projects

Projects that took significant time to make.

Conversations - Maemo Leste (2022)

Application that handles SMS messaging for Linux based phones running Maemo Leste. Written in C++ with Qt. Uses Telepathy so you may hook up other messaging back-ends; like IRC or Telegram.

This application runs on hardware from 10+ years ago and is still performant.

Source code on Github

Feather wallet (2019-2020)

A desktop wallet for Monero written in C++ with Qt. Took a while to make from scratch!

  • Ton of features
  • Tor embedded
  • 10k users (maybe?!)

I have since transferred project ownership to another person where it gets the proper development attention it needs.

Feather wallet homepage

Monero GUI (2019)

I did a ton of contributions to the 'official' GUI desktop wallet for Monero, which is a QML application.

  • Worked with an UI designer to implement the interface in QML
  • Added a bunch of features

Source code

IRC!Radio (2021)

An internet streaming service written in Python.

  • IRC bot for adding and queuing songs from YouTube to the rotation
  • Web application for searching the library
  • Uses LiquidSoap and icecast2

Source code

Smaller projects

Projects that took limited time to make.

Quart photo album (2021)

Photo hosting using this Python flickr clone, writen in a weekend.

  • No javascript
  • SQLite based backend
  • Few dependencies

Source code | Live example